Why Weight Training

Weights and women

A significant shift is taking place in the world of fitness. More and more women are starting to gravitate towards weight training as the central element of their fitness routines. The question is why? And is this a wagon I should jump on?

New Perspective

For years we’ve been indoctrinated with outdated information regarding weight training. Most women have been led to believe that weights are for the boys and that the only reason they should touch a dumbbell is if they want to look like Conan the Barbarian.

Because of this you have probably been starving your body, wrecking your metabolism, and ending up eternally soft. So let’s break down why women are ditching cardio and HIIT for the weights!

3 reasons

There are 3 reasons why women are making the shift to weight training:

1. Body compostition and weight management.

2. Functional strength

3. Health and longevity

Body Composition

Maybe you’ve had this experience: you bust your butt with the cardio and HIIT, and you’re starving yourself but you can’t seem to improve your physique. You may be losing weight, but it doesn’t seem to make you look better.

What’s happening is you’re losing weight, but you’re not necessarily losing fat! Cardio is great for your heart, but it isn’t the solution for weight lose and neither is starving yourself!

Weight training is an entirely different approach that shifts the focus from “burning fat” and restricting diets to building a strong, healthy body!

Weight training helps you develop lean muscle (the stuff that give your body a shape). Because that muscle is metabolically active, your body is burning more calories 24/7! Your metabolism is constantly on fire and you’re using more energy even at rest. And because you’re overloading those muscles your body is forced to cling to muscle and target fat stores. This means you are simultaneously developing muscle shape and ditching fat! This leads to a beautiful, strong physique. So ditch the obsession with the scale, calories burnt, etc. and start developing your body instead of trying to shrink it!

Functional Strength

Pregnancy, kids, work, whatever it is you don’t want to be frail! Women are meant to be strong, capable and confident. Weight training represents a mindset shift from restricting your body, to developing and strengthening it!

Our bodies are incredible tools that we can love and enjoy when we treat them right. Chase strong NOT skinny! Weight training increased your body’s capabilities and makes everything in life more enjoyable!

Imagine being able to hold your kids longer, play harder, hike, bike, wrestle, run and do the things you love without feeling fatigued. This is the life of abundance and capability that weight training offers! I can lift over 300 lbs at 5’2 and that’s so empowering! Makes playing with and carrying around my baby boy feel easy and fun!

Health and Longevity

Loss of strength is the hallmark of aging. There is no reason you should feel stiff, weak and fragile this early in life! You can recover your youthful athleticism, mobility and confidence by training your body regularly! Use it or lose it!

Weight training will improve your metabolic health, mobility, bone density, brain health, hormonal balance, joint strength, and much more! It is the fountain of youth!

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