5 new workouts

Unique and uploaded every week. Jump in and follow along!

Daily Workout

Each day targets a specific set of muscles!

Video Demos

See exactly how to perform each exercise with videos AND form notes!

Weight History

Record the weight you use so you can push yourself to increase it!

Track Progress

Add your progress pictures with notes to visualize your transformation!

Calculate Macros

Not sure where to start with your nutrition? Estimate your macros!

Sadie active App

Join thousands of women who’s lives have been transformed by the weekly workout method!

When it comes to achieving the ultimate strong and athletic physique, what you need is strategic programming. Programming that hits all your muscle groups adequately, maximizes progressive overload, and introduces the variation necessary to avoid progress plateaus. My weekly workout method achieves all these things for you!

The Ultimate Guide

The Sadie Active App is my personal weekly workout programming. I’m doing the workouts with you! It follows the programming infrastructure that I’ve developed over years of experience and that has achieved amazing results for thousands of women.

I program 5 new workouts every week, and all you have to do is jump in and follow along at the gym or from home! The app includes form tips with instructional videos and alternatives for the more difficult moves.

It Works!

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’ve been AMAZED by the results women from all over the world have seen following my method. Just go look at the App Store reviews! The app already has over 800 5-star ratings! When it comes to strategic workout programming, no one does it better!!! So hit the button below to download the app and start your free trial!


One year! I have never stuck with a workout program that long. This app is AMAZING! I turned 40 last year and I am in the best shape of my life!


I never share before and after pics… but this is my progress of about 4 months of doing your app 5 days a week (and this is after 3 babies). My jaw dropped, I was blown away! I can’t thank you enough!! My clothes fit so well, I feel great, and I feel confident!


I’ve been a member of Sadie Active since July. Ever since joining your program I have felt extremely confident in the gym. I now look forward to my workouts and am very grateful I came across your page. I’ve seen the success stories you’ve shared so I wanted to share my own :)


I am 48 years old and was able to achieve this in 7 months… I used your app for my workouts. I really want to show its possible at any age. And wight lifting is super fun! I’m enjoying it so much.


I’ve tried lots of different workout programs and fitness structures over the years and this the only one I’ve really really enjoyed. I started feeling results so fast! I couldn’t recommend it enough! It’s been such a fun way to stay active, healthy and learn a new hobby!


I just need to share this because I want you to know that all your hard work putting this programming together is so amazing!! I’ve never followed a program that has shown such amazing results. I’m 4 months postpartum and can’t even believe where I am at just from sticking to your plan from 6 weeks!


A month and a half of consistently using your app. Thought you might want to see the results! And I finally have my boot back after having 2 kids!


I’ve always been active- PE teacher, personal trainer, spin instructor. But I have 4 kids now and as you get older it gets harder. I feel like I can trust your workouts. I am so very thankful! I sincerely believe I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your app.


I was introduced to the Sadie Active App early this year in March… I quickly noticed results and lost 9 pounds in the first month. Fast forward to now… I have not only lost 23 pounds since my heaviest state, but I have gained SO much strength.